Shopping-Spree [Blog]

Shopping Online can be an energizing experience only when there are right options to choose and quick delivery. Today there are thousand websites available, every site sell everything, yet might be suitable for only few products or best during certain offers. With dozens of sites and apps, advantage of competitive price and good quality is with the customer. Nevertheless not able to see the product, imagining look and feel, dependency on others for right delivery and right time is downside of it.

Leading sites

Grocery Fashion Kids Furniture/Home

Electronic Marketplace Apps Travel


Pros and Cons

Pros Cons Few tips
Comfortable to Shop



Competitive prices

Discount coupons


Easy return policy


Sizes on site may not be right

Product delivery many take time

Product becomes unavailable after placing order.

Color may vary

Cloth/stitching Quality not up to mark.



Go throw the reviews of product to buy

Order known brands for size and quality issue.

Compare rates from other sites

Check site ratings for after sales services


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