Light, Camera, Action….. [Blog]

Give a beautiful twist to your room. ‘Décor’ that draws attention without disturbing harmony of other corners and enhancing the style quotient of your room. Quick and easy fixes that can make such great difference to your home.

Expression of mood and taste might not always require elaborate setup or formation. Neat and simple is the key, uncluttering a room itself would boost the appear. Light and dark, bright or pastel, with right mix and match, can transform the narrative of your room.

Interiors of the house with little add-ons of color, fabric, pattern and texture can help to achieve the dream look. I suggest experimenting with colors, red or turquoise lounge chair (or ottomans) with dark furniture can lighten up the view. Net Curtains between the room, different shape, pattern and colored cushions, area rugs and floor cushions gives soft and snuggly feel. Floor/ table Runner, colorful large ceramic vases standing on a corner, different shapes and sizes of plates and frames covering a wall, small wooden shelves over a cabinet are few great ideas to alleviate the appearance of the area.

Tried collecting few options available online to start the mission of beautiful home –
1. 3D Tiles/Panel – Choose a wall/corner of the room for these modern look panels and elevate the look of the room.

3dtilesImage Courtesy –

2. Wallpapers- Wallpapers are the most easy and cost effective way to adorn the walls and pep up your room. Textured, pattern, colors, with wallpapers we have all the choices to get the look.

wallpapaerImage Courtesy –

3. Mirrors – Decorative mirrors are a quick fix to low lit or small rooms. Large mirrored wall hanging over a couch is all you need to get compliments and more natural light in room. It also add depth, creating feel of the room bigger and brighter.


Image Courtesy –
4. Wall Murals – are used directly on wall to enhance beauty and add color to the room. This kind of art is abundant in villages and has evidences in caves in primitive times.

wall_muralsImage Courtesy –

5. Wall stickers / Mirror decals- These stickers can quickly brighten up kid’s room or a corner of a large room.

decalsImage Courtesy –
6. MDF panels/partitions – Medium Density fiberboard panels and partition are a nice way to add bling to a dull room.

MDF Panels

Image Courtesy –

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