My Princess Diary…[Blog]

Styling your kid like uber celeb, trendy wardrobe with sassy accessories to match….. Acquiring the spotlight is all about keeping up with latest and finding best picks.

Decode your kids diva look, experiment and keep up with trends with few things to try-

  1. Short dress with long boots or printed leggings.
  2. Silver White, Cream with bright colored dresses.
  3. Colorful glittery leggings with plain dress/top.
  4. Pattern from bird to fish to lipstick pout, all looks great.
  5. Animal or floral prints for diva in make.
  6. Scarf over neck for ideal winter-look.
  7. Hair bands are vital to add glam.
  8. Cherry on cake – nice haircut/hairdo.

Pinned few to follow

We would be exploring online options for a fairy tale theme; Pink and Purple. White and Gold. Pearl and Shimmer. Net and Satin. Party gowns to Tutu dresses, adding volume and glitz to charm the onlooker. Teaming with trendy accessorizes and footwear to get your perfect princess look.

There are many conventional sites that showcase kids range,,,,,, and more. But options are limited or might not always have what we look for. Let me stage few new ones that might help you.

Website –                                                                                                      Age Range – 0 months to 11 years                                                                                              Other things to Watch-Outs – Shoes, Accessories

The site has one of the finest range of clothes and shoes. Handpicked party and Tutu dresses are worth falling for and would get your fairy tale feel.


Tutu dresses



Website –                                                                                                                Age Range – 0 months  to 8 years                                                                                               Other things to Watch-Outs – Shoes, Accessories  

The site has a wide range to offer. Excellent collection of shoes and accessorize that can be matched with dresses in cart. The collection is catchy and best in many ways.

 Tutu Dresses

Website –                                                                                                               Age Range – 6 months to 8 years                                                                                               Other things to Watch-Outs – Accessories

Faye is a wonderful discovery, the designs and color are fresh and trendy.

More such sites





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