Surviving without JAVA..OOPS [Blog]

Being part of IT and not knowing JAVA..OOPS is a crime. Been there and done that, trust me it is.

Mugging up SDLC (software development Life-cycle) for financial independence, is it the only way for survival? Irked by statistical ascend corporate jobs and chase to secure one. Urge to write my thoughts, is a reflection of self and actions to break the conditioning. I aspire to explore more and yelp for a change.

To start, knowing and developing skills according to interest and demand is vital. Showcasing the skill on right platform is as important as owning one. Take time for introspection, seek intriguing pursuits to enhance and tune. Each ability can win you appreciation, respect and financial independence.

Randomcollab is a platform that encourages any skill (service) to be showcased for others to know and get benefited. We are aligned to the movement of making India the skill capital of the World.


“Working for yourself”, might not be as lucrative as it may sound. Errands multiplies so do expectation. Luxury of disconnecting yourself from situation and surrounding is usually not possible. To keep the ball rolling, staying motivated and positive is essential. Indulge once in a while and let your hair down, it’s not a crime but a compulsive need.

Let’s try to explore some online options to engage and enhance your creative and entrepreneurial streak. Creating a checklist (not elaborating too much for now) –

 Category  Details  Related websites
Food Wish to start a food business from home. Try registering with business with already large user base and reach-ability.


Service partners Any skill or expertise can be showcased

urbanclap (app)

Small business/manufacturing Any local business can get visibility and user base to promote as a supplier and expand exponentially.





Setting up a boutique online is trending and in high demand.

Myntra (app)

Online marketplace Selling stuff from e-store is a quick way setup your virtual shop.



On Demand E-commerce shop Create your personal shop with E-commerce enabled features and delivery options (not sometimes).


Website Building Bitten by startup bug, join the band wagon of dreamers and transformers. To begin with – Think of an idea, buy a domain, get a free template and roll up your sleeves.


Freelancing Enroll to websites and pick work that suits your skills and timing


Blogging Share your interest (cooking, writing, yoga, crafts anything that comes to mind) with the world through blogging, get likes and win yourself few bucks thru ads


Affiliate Marketing Refer someone to any online product, if person buys the product based on your recommendation, you receive a commission.


Content Writing Content for a website, articles for
YouTube Channel Start a YouTube channel upload your video and wait for the paparazzi.


Some great link for reference and elaboration –












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