Every Soul Needs Acceptance

“Every soul needs approval, appreciation and acceptance” (source unknown)

Every individual has a unique way to be at peace with themselves. Some have discovered and some exploring. Every age or phase (of life) we pass, there is some disagreement with the existing system. Doing what you are supposed to do might not go well with your ambitions. Repudiation is uniqueness of our character.

Today where we stand, may not be the best place to view “THE STAGE OF LIFE” and can deal the fact with an overrated idea of patience or unappreciated anxiousness; believe, it’s a phase and would outgrow gradually. Every emotion, desire our attention and understanding to align itself to our ultimate purpose. Irks persuades; discomfort encourages; disagreement acquit indecision and respect motivates.

I often pass by a melancholy road where a chair sits in harmony with its neighborhood. Accomplishing its purpose of existence in stimulating manner. The site intrigued for a click and define a caption for it.

Everyday driving and dropping everyone (family) to their destination. Many times, drooping sense would take in; often disoriented in thoughts, intrusive in action, detested by countless expectation, affirmative about oblivious surroundings. Felt like ‘Atlas’, the Greek god, in different time zone.

One such day, I came across this chair, its assembling flashed silence in mind. Visuals might fascinate instinctively, yet equaling it to thoughts or elaborating its influence do need some introspection.

For the photograph, had to convince reluctant owner (security guard), assured help to acquire better and respectful seat. Being a social activist I have the ability to turn things right.

Relating to its disposition is amusing yet intriguing. Site appears trivial, yet narrates a forceful message to realize. Odds and even are part of perspective, I might not be happy about the situation, but I have the ability to change, to create, to distract, to seek help, to share, to experiment, to fail, to win, to rest, to chase, to fake, to validate, to innovate.

Being idealistic or expecting perfectionism in or from a relation (ship), situation or an effort is an extravagant demand. We create our own reality, finding strength in the face of slowdown is act of an evolved being.  A constant push to explore, believe and motivate is a disciple to trail along.

An opportunity/decision might have stood you up, yet awakening to rise and establish peace with ourselves (in whatever ways) is the only reason of existence. 

“I qualify to speak, not as enlightened one, but as a contender of the game”

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