Mind Flip – Dreary to Dawn

Vivekananda, Sachin Tendulkar, Oprah Winfrey, Malala Yousafzai and more; each had their share of rough and testing times. Embracing yourself in toughest hours, is a Winning Trait.

Winners don’t do different things. They do things differently”

Most, including me, have been continuously clinging on different external sources to be certain about our “Uniqueness“. Muddling divinity to gratifying senses, stocking brands to giving away charity; all to ignite the internal spark and suffice a twisted perspective.

A constant quest for peace with disposition. Visuals may appear delightful; loudest noise of the party or brightest mind in a meeting. Finding kick in booze or instant gratification with food. Playing professional, parent; befitting socially norms; JUST ANYTHING, TO BE IN THE GAME.

We have an advice, opinion and empathy for any person or every situation. Yet, self-yearnings sound meek and unimpressive to even get our attention. Our head gauges every possibility of risk in a situation, yet seems rather callous about scream for real self-awareness. Believe me, our belief and understanding about ourselves is limited and outdated.

Our identity is no more drawn by self-belief, knowing capabilities or finding an outcome (purpose) of life, but through, others judgment and popular beliefs. Our IDENTITY blurs over the period of time and we willingly succumb to regular social, professional and personal course.

“Virtually everything we do is to make you feel happy” – Anthony Robbin

As soon we are aware of our surroundings, our mind starts keying-in information that makes OUR reality. The internal representation formed by personal experiences, cultural background, society, role models, time and many others filters. We easily connect to information that inspires or aspire. The transition from Reception (through five senses) to Perception (as stored in mind) is crucial to decode the quality of life we would attain.

This subjective experience makes us UNIQUE in every way.

We (unconsciously) model habit, beliefs, values or state (of mind) through our personal perception. These may facilitate in accomplishing ‘purpose of life’, yet few can pull us back. We are TRAPPED in our own perception. Consistent belief forms our pattern of action, sub-consciously triggering same action for same belief.

Anxiety, poor self-image, lack of vision, phobias and illness; poor relationships, no (low) success benchmarks, addictions are few example of wrong illustration of ourselves in mind.

Let’s find a way to match with our inner-self, such that, it aligns our action to achieve desired goals, have a great relationship with ourselves and around; create a belief system that serves all our future endeavors and contributes in minimizing the mental chaos. We have no control over external events, yet with a bit tweak in internal perception, belief and understanding, can open avenues to approach opportunities or challenges with best ‘state of mind’.

Understanding mind, its programming and storage judgments (what to remember) . Triggering of emotions, bodily sensation and evolving to resourceful (Happy, learning) or non-resourceful State (Anger, Fear).

Self-concept affects our behavior in powerful ways. We can analyze and program ourselves using NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to discover our inner most strength and get a winning perspective.

I would be posting articles that would help you to understand NLP and implement techniques to adapt and acquire the winning edge.


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