No More Gifts, get Joyful Experiences

Present is Pre-Sent

Memories are a lighthouse of conviction in high-tides of time, get an extra-large box to collect and treasure them. ‘Knowlege of Experience’, you can pick and choose when short of supply.

“Life is 10% of what Happens to Me and 90% of How I React to It”

People ALWAYS give their best response in a particular situation, in consensus with mind’s analysis of the event, surroundings and (pre-) trained actions.

The analysis differs for every individual, and is backed by previous encounters (not same event) and stored interpretations; eventually shaping an Attitude.  Attitude has the capability to deal with situations and times, we never asked for.

Our mind is a big file storage system, accounting (filtered) trail of events, affecting our world. Memories, consciously may not recollect, surely exists as a picture, sound or a feeling;  as a habit or impulsive (re-)action.  We train our subconscious through conscious choices; it is nature’s way to make our lives easy and accomplish multitasking.

Self-image is formed through opinions we carry about our-self in relation to everyone around. Association of ‘Event + Interpretation + Action + Emotion‘ is our subjective experience.  Few such representations


Autopilot mode

Mind once comfortable with acquired knowledge of skill or behaviour, applies it to situations (external or internal), without the intervention of conscious understanding. Driving, cycling or playing once learned can be easily executed without conscious (mind) invasion.

Impulse can be validated by; the first reaction on something you disagree, eating habits, lifestyle choices, relationship expectation; all driven by our early encounters, through observing parents, cultural surroundings or just a choice once made, a habit now (or pattern).

We habitually avoid situations that cause discomfort or conflict in mind, crafting a personal reality (our beliefs) that gives us significance or justify the act. Pronounce it Adaptability. Overeating when nervous, impulsive shopping after an ugly argument or popular actress shoplifting, are some behaviour acquired to shut-up a discomfort state.

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.”  Buddha

Mind and Body is a Team

Hands wide open, lips curved, eyes big and bright, body straight and upright, these gestures can easily signal, quality of thoughts running in our head.

In growing days, I believed my mother did not give me enough time due to her work and other engagements. I was not first on her priority list and associated myself to emotions of unworthy, insecurity and unwanted. Today, I know it was not true, yet the connection existed till I was old enough to get my mother’s perspective. This belief stayed and was reflected in every life’s assignment or decision, conduct and stressful situations.

Faith anchors certainty, security, love, contribution, and growth. Faith widely has been associated with spirituality. Thou with time and twisted understanding it seems to have anchored- fear, repressed-anger and false ego; people blatantly en-cashing it.

Significant numbers are confused and uninformed, deliberately shunning the concept and its associated knowledge. Depriving an opportunity to create some awesome similes to bend upon, for life.

Sensory acuity (the level of sharpness of a sense and its usefulness in resolving fine levels of detail) make us intuitive. It does not happen by skill enhancing apps or highly graphical video games, neither by watching television or visiting malls.

Sight, sound, touch, smell and taste are the tools we use to perceive what is going on in the world – both within our body and outside of it. The most effective use of our senses will yield the highest quality information. Higher quality information, in turn, improves our chances of enhancing our performance and judgments.

The Happy (positive) state constructs a healthy mind-body connection. Our best memories are formed from 0 to 8 years of age. Kids are capable of taking things as they are, surpassing filter (distorting) of viewpoint, these assets of memories can be used,  the whole life to be in right state of mind.

Festival, relations, rituals, games, pranks, traveling, mischiefs, failures, trophies, highs, lows; every encounter register itself in the brain and associates an emotion to it. Experience might not be pleasurable, yet its learning can make it positive and such practice helps us to make way in tough times.

While doing a cosmetic surgery, we use our own skin, over the scars and remove it, likewise, we can use these memories or metaphors to rectify anything that’s not pleasurable.


  1. Write a Handbook – Instances that felt happy – achievements, naughtiness, learning, trophies, encounters, beautiful relationships, confident of getting through an interview, worthy of Mom’s praise and love, secured, at home during a stormy night, loved, significant, contributing, certain, experimenting.

More reference you have better it is. Use this handbook as an affirmation to reinforce a constructive belief for yourself.

  1. Get a habit – Something to look forward to each day; read a page of your favorite book, try a recipe, run/walk a mile, meet friends. Disconnect from the routine or behavioral pattern, breathe in different air, change your surroundings.

Synchronization of mind with body ignites potential energy.

Every comfortable act of today has been acquired with continuous practice and reliance of its achievability, as simple as, walking on your toes.






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